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Commissioned Works

Custom  Works.

The Art Mum welcomes inquiries about custom artworks.  Each month our artist;Kathryn Bowden, completes a number of custom artworks for customers. These works often included digital drawings of cats, dogs, cows, horses and sunset farm themes.  However we are keen to work with you to bring your own idea to life.

While prices change due to the exact request, size and subject matter, below is a guide to current prices. 

  • Custom Digital Pet Drawings- Eg. Dogs/ Cats start at $70.00

  • Custom Digital Cow/ Horse head drawing- Starts at $80.00

  • Custom Full Body Cow or Horse- $100

  • Collage of full body cows- $100 for the first cow, + $50 for each animal featured after that.

(eg. a line up of 4 cows would approximately cost $250)

  • Custom Sunset farm scene $150

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